Electricity market / Committee

The objective of the Electricity Committee (EC) is to provide active support to all members in optimizing their business and trading activity focusing on three different fields:

  • Give sufficient information on regulation and its changing, important market event
  • Active participation in consultation on different proposals developed by regulators for the modification of market rules, representing the members' interests
  • Develop proposals to improve efficient policy environment and to foster market design and integration

The implementation of the these objectives EC:

  • Monitor the ongoing regulation and market changes
  • Initiate internal conversation and consultation within members in order to construct collective opinion
  • Represent and communicate the collective opinion towards concerning legal bodies like regulators, TSO, DSO, other market players

A direct (or via HETA Board) connection line and efficient cooperation exist between EC and Ministries, Hungarian TSO, DSOs, NRA and the power exchange HUPX.


Gergo BattaChairman

He currently serves as head of the company for Energiabörze Ltd. In 2008, he started to work for MAVIR in various market operation functions. He was responsible for elaboration of the market-based procurement scheme of

ancillary services. In 2015, he became head of trading at Energiabörze Ltd. He holds a MSc degree in mechanical engineering and a MSc degree in energy production engineering.

Vice Chairman

Zoltan FazekasVice Chairman