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Dr. Balazs FelsmannChairman

Currently Mr Felsmann works as a senior research associate in the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research at Corvinus University of Budapest. As a researcher, consultant and former state officer he has wide range of experiences on the institutional and competitive framework of the utility industries. As a former state secretary he participated in the preparation of several policy documents including the new Energy Policy of Hungary (2007-2020), the Strategy for Increasing the Share of Renewable Energy Sources (2008-2020), the Unified Transport Development Strategy (2008-2020) and various major pieces of the legislation regarding electricity, natural gas, renewable energies and transportation. As a consultant Mr Felsmann has worked on various projects on the field of energy sector for governmental organisations, NGOs, market leading industrial companies and international financial institutes. He coordinated a WorldBank ESMAP project for preparing a General Assessment Study and a Cost Benefit Analysis of the implementation of smart metering system in the Hungarian utility sector. He actively participates in the work of various scientific and business organisations of the utility area and on national and international conferences regarding energy policy and utility management topics.

Vice Chairman

Tamás HiezlVice Chairman - electricity

He has been working in the electricity sector since 2003. From 2003 to 2007 he was an employee of EdF-DÉMÁSZ in various marketing functions. SInce 2007 he has been working at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ company group, first as head of sales support, and from October 2012 as portfolio management director.

Board Members

András HazlachBoard Member - electricity

He has been working in the electricity sector since 2001. In 2012 he became proprietary trading director at MVM Partner Zrt, in the previous year he was market development director at MVM Trade Zrt. Prior to that he worked six years abroad in different trading and chief trader positions at Mercuria Energy Trading SA, RBS Sempra Commodities Plc and Electrabel SA. Between 2001 and 2005 he worked at SUEZ Electrabel Group at Electrabel Hungary and Dunamenti TPP dealing with electricity market liberalization issues.

Balázs LehoczkiBoard Member - electricity

Balázs Lehoczki has been working in the Hungarian energy sector for 20 years and is a key figure in the Hungarian electricity and natural gas trade. During his time in the sector, he gained significant experience in the operation and development of the market, possessing deep regulatory knowledge and valuing customer satisfaction. Under his management, the retail position of E.ON Hungária Zrt. developed in a stable and predictable manner. In addition to his professional experience, his extensive network has allowed him to contribute to supplying and managing a significant part of the competitive domestic electricity and gas customers in five electricity distribution areas.

Balázs VándorBoard Member - gas
Gábor OrbánBoard Member - gas

Gábor Orbán is currently responsible for sales as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in the Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. He is the member of the Executive Committee since 31 March, 2015 and is managing the work of the Retail and Wholesale Sales, Pricing, Trading, Business Development, Sales Controlling and Marketing departments.
In MVM Partner Ltd. he filled the position of Director of Wholesale and Portfolio Management between 2011 and 2013. Previously he acted in EMFESZ Ltd. as Trade Business Manager and later as President of the company’s subsidiaries in Poland.

Gábor Tatár-KisBoard Member - gas

He currently works as a commerce director at Budapest Power Plant Ltd.

Roland KrascsenicsBoard Member - electricity

In his role as CEO of E2 Hungary Zrt., Roland Krascsenics leads an organization with an active and decisive role in free market energy trading and in the entire value chain of energy efficiency services. The company through its legal predecessor has been a member of HETA since its renewal. He believes that the key to meeting the challenges in the commercial value chain is an active dialogue between the licensee, other players in the sector, and legislators and market surveillance representatives. As a member of the Board, he will serve to further carry out this dialogue. Mr. Krascenics began his professional career at Ernst & Young, before joining Magyar Telekom in 2002, where he gained wide experience in marketing, finance, strategy, innovation and business development.

Zsuzsa NagyBoard Member - gas

Zsuzsa Nagy is the Head of the Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement Department of E.ON Energiamegoldások Kft. He has been working in E.ON Group’s energy procurement unit since 2006, beginning as a portfolio manager, then moving to head of the Background Office team in 2018, before assuming his current position. From the beginning of 2021, Zsuzsa will also lead energy procurement for Elmű-Émász Energiakereskedelmi Kft. Ms Nagy has been an active member of the Electricity Committee from the beginning of HETA, representating universal service providers in the Trade Regulation Committee and the Distribution Regulation Committee since 2019.


Dr. Balázs KecskemétiExpert - electricity

Dr. Balázs Kecskeméti received his legal diploma in 2002, and has been working in the electricity business since then. He started at Démász Plc. as a legal clerk dealing with DSO regulatory affairs, then headed the group in charge of DSO relations, especially free market customers management and claims management. He was also the secretary of the Distribution Code Committee. Then at E.ON Customer Care Llc. he was heading a back office serving key account free market customers. Thereafter he was dealing with retail sales and product development at the Hungarian Branch of Alpiq Energy SE (formerly named as Atel Energy Trading Llc.) as a key account manager. Then, as legal counsel at ELMŰ Plc. he was providing full range legal support to the electricity sales (wholesale and retail) activities, carried out the legal support related to the startup of natural gas business (licensing, contractual background of retail and wholesale activities), supervised legal affairs of the Romanian subsidiary of the group, and participated in the preparation/implementation of complex transactions. As of 2016 works as an independent expert for end users and market players related to commercial regulatory and business issues.

He is the power market expert of HETA as of March 2016.

Dr. Judit GroszmanExpert - law

dr. Judit Groszman received her J.D. in 2005. During her studies she worked at the Budapest office of a Greek-Hungarian Law Firm, as paralegal. After receiving her J.D. she started her career in a law firm specialized in civil law as a trainee attorney, concurrently she was a legal advisor in a real estate agency at Budapest. Since March 2007, she has been working at Budapest law Firm No. 5000 as a trainee. After passing the bar exam, she established her law office, and since then she has been working with Budapest law Firm No. 5000. Her practice comprises of giving advice regarding electricity and natural gas regulation, real estate law, various agreements, and, in addition, corporate law. She is the legal expert of the Hungarian Energy Traders’ Association from January 2015.

Gábor BaliExpert - gas

BALI Gábor is a gas and oil industry expert with more than 18 years of professional experience. He is owner and managing director of BAL I.Q. Bt. and ENERGIQ Kft. and a founding member of EnAcTeam. Currently, he works in the energy sector as an expert invited by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority and the ministries supervising it. Earlier, he gained experience in the operation of the natural gas market as the gas economy director of Dél-dunántúli Gázszolgáltató Zrt. and chairman of the Commercial and Customer Service Committee of the Hungarian Gas Association as well as the chairman of the Directorate of the Kiskunság Zrt. He participated in the development of the new gas market model, and worked out a number of regulatory and business solutions. His professional field of interest includes the following areas: Energy market regulation, expert advice; Managing energy procurement, tendering procedures; Advice for market participants; Giving advice to gas users and Management of quality management systems.

Supervisory Board

Dr. András NémethSupervisory Board Member
József BankaSupervisory Board Member
Viktória VázsonyiSupervisory Board Member
Zoltán FazekasSupervisory Board Member